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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

iStar's Filming Tips

As a budding filmmaker, here are some tips to get the best possible footage.

Filmmaking Tips by Jeremy Cathay
Can't see the video? Check it out on YouTube.

The following are tips compiled from Filming & Editing Tips from the Digital Video Club and Beginners Guide to Video Editing - Basic Filming Tips

Before Filming

  • Think ahead
  • Plan a beginning and an end.
During filming
  • Take lots of footage, you can always edit later
  • Shoot scenes in a logical manner rather than shooting one long unmoving scene
  • Limit moving and zooming
  • Use a tripod, if possible - it makes the camera steady
  • Change positions for different scenes - it makes it more interesting
  • Try to frame your subject before filming
  • Make sure there's enough light before shooting
  • Keep sounds in mind.
For guidance on specific film techniques (e.g. what a long shot is, getting better sound quality), check out YouTube's Guide to Producing and Uploading Your Own Videos. This guide is in partnership with Videomaker.com and includes filmed examples of techniques to help you make better videos.

Getting the video from your camera to the computer

So, once you've filmed the footage for your masterpiece, you'll need to get it from your camera onto the computer. It will vary based on the type of camera you used, so please check your camera's user manual.


Agafiteis said...

The link "Filming & Editing Tips" from the Digital Video Club appears not to work correctly any more.

Washington DC film school said...

Great tips/movie.

You make an excellent point, think ahead and really establish a plan so that you can finish in a timely manner. I remember a couple of videos I shot and it took much longer, because there was absolutely no plan put in place prior to filming.