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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wellness #41 - Going Green - Part 2

Green Transportation

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Using less gasoline is not only good for the environment, with oil prices reaching all time highs, it has become a necessity for most of us. If buying a smaller car or hybrid or using more public transportation isn't an option, Consumer Reports has tips on getting the best gas mileage with the car you own.

Consumer Reports Mileage Tips

The Green Home

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Making your home more energy efficient will save you money and will also help the environment. The city of Houston has set up a web site with 5 easy low cost changes you can make, and a calculator to measure how much energy you can save by making these changes.

Consumer Reports has more suggestions on this website.

Many of the ingredients in our cleaning products are harmful to our health and the health of the planet. A few smaller companies have been making earth friendly products for years but now some of the major companies like Clorox and S.C. Johnson have begun selling natural cleaners. If you want to save money and guarantee less toxic cleaners, this website has recipes for making your own with common household ingredients:

DIYlife.com has more DIY projects.


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The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide has links for recycling almost anything you can think of from common items such as paper and glass to computer parts and hazardous materials.

A simple way to de-clutter your life and have less recycling is to sign up to stop junk mail including credit card offers, local business flyers and sweepstakes letters. This can be done here.

Activity 3: From any of the other sites above, list one activity in your blog that you think would be quite easy to do to live a greener lifestyle. List a second that would take more commitment, but that you really would like to try.

This post was brought to you by Kathy Knox (ADM).


Princess said...

awesome! I'd like to live a greener lifestyle, although I'm not giving up my SUV, sorry:) I do replace my existing bulbs with energy efficient one's when the burn out and buy non-toxic cleaning products. With dogs, I don't want them licking something toxic when the lick the floor(which they will). I recycle my newspapers too. Those are all easy things, and I enjoyed your blog b/c it gave me the info I needed to be a tree-hugging, earth-friendly individual:) Great job!

mph123 said...

That was an interesting web-site. We will definetly try to recycle more. Great Info.