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Monday, April 14, 2008

Maps #33: Relocating with Online Maps

People move everyday. Sometimes the lease runs out and the rent is raised significantly. Sometimes a young person is just going to college or is just finishing college and is ready for his (or her) first apartment. Sometimes there is a divorce and one spouse gets the house while the other starts apartment-hunting. Sometimes a family outgrows their present dwelling and needs a house with more bedrooms. Sometimes it is just time for a new place.

Searching by zip code and/or by distance (within X miles) helps narrow down the possibilities quickly and efficiently. Sometimes you can see the various floor plans or virtual tours online before getting in the car and going to see apartment complexes or houses in person!

Apartments.com : Search by map, zip code, city/state, plus X miles radius. Amenities search include pets allowed and wheelchair access. Includes street map, satellite, & hybrid maps.

Apartment Finder: Search by address or by zip code. Amenities search includes pets allowed and garage/covered parking. Includes virtual tours & floor plans.

Apartment Guide : Search by city/state or by zip code. Advanced search allows you to choose amenities like pets, accessibility, public transportation, etc. See virtual tours, emercials, etc.

Har [Click Find a Home. Click Map Search.] Search for listings by zip code or within a proximity of an address. Search by School District, by stories, by garage(s), by highrise condos, by whether it is in a cul-de-sac or on a corner, etc. Includes Neighborhood Information Finder, Senior Living Finder, Foreclosures, etc. Both houses for sale and for lease.

Urban Living [Click Home Finder. Click Map Search] Search by zip code. Look for houses for rent or for sale. Look for houses in subdivisions or condos in highrises. Search by stories or whether it has a garage, etc.

Google Maps [Directly under Google logo, click My Maps. Then click Google Real Estate Search.] Find rentals, sales, & foreclosures. Follow the realtor's links and watch a virtual tour.

Discover our Town: Comprehensive city guides that include travel information, area attractions and restaurant listings for towns across the United States. Search by clicking on map for state and then city. Click Relocation tab.

Walk Score: Shows you a map of what's nearby and calculates a Walk Score for any property. Find out what amenities are in walking distance for any address!


  1. Look for an apartment which allows pets or is accessible for the disabled (such as wheelchair bound) by zip code and then by radius from a given address.
  2. Discuss your search and whatever suitable apartment listings you found in your blog. Include a comparison of the different map views available: street, aerial/satellite, bird’s eye, hybrid (combination satellite & street). Which view did you find the most helpful?



  1. Look for foreclosures or a highrise condo or senior living or for houses in the subdivision you prefer (good schools, low crime, etc.).
  2. Take virtual tours and see how much information is available on the various properties.
  3. Discuss your search and whatever suitable listings you found in your blog.


  1. Select a potential new home or apartment. Check out what is nearby (or within walking distance) for any given house or apartment complex.
  2. Discuss what schools, restaurants, stores, etc. would be in your new neighborhood in your blog. Discuss which site you found easiest to use to look for a new place to live and which you would recommend to others and why.

This post was brought to you by a member of the Barbara Bush Branch iHCPL Team: Margaret Davis.

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Staci said...

I use forrent.com more often than the ones you have listed. Way more user friendly!